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Whois (pronounced "who is") is a TCP-based query/response protocol which is widely used for querying an official database in order to determine the owner of a domain name, an IP address, or an autonomous system number on the Internet. Results usually display the Domain Name System (DNS) servers used to resolve the domain to an IP address which is needed by search engines.

Why Use This Tool?

The Whois Tool is not technically a search engine optimization tool, but is a very important and useful tool that allows you to make sure your domain name has not been hijacked, and to verify that search engines can quickly and accurately find your website each and every time they visit. Search engines will only query your DNS information periodically and then will cache this information. Therefore it is imperative this information be correct.

Using this tool you will query the official database servers for information about any registered domain name. Some of our users have discovered they didn't own their domain name after using this tool. In fact, some have found that their hosting company actually owned the domain name. Use this tool to see the status of your domain name.

Details usually include the owner's details, the administrative contact details, technical contact details and listed domain servers. You can also perform a reverse IP lookup by entering an IP address into the box below. Doing this will quickly retrieve the reverse IP hostname and allow you to view the IP address's GEO location.

Last Updated: Jan 19, 2017

 Tool Tip...

Domain Name or IP

Enter a domain name, hostname, email, URL or IP address and this tool will query the whois records for the resource entered. For the greatest accuracy, enter a domain name.

  1. Domain Name - - most accurate
  2. Hostname -
  3. Email -
  4. URL -
  5. IP - - least accurate