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RBL Lookup Tool

The Real-time Blackhole List (RBL) is a list of IP addresses responsible for spam. This list may contain IPs from ISP's whose servers are hijacked and used for spam relay. Subscribers to the RBL will know from which IP addresses to block email traffic. The server receiving the email will check the the connecting IP address in RBL before delivering the email. If the IP address matches one in the RBL, then the connection gets dropped and and the incoming email may be dropped completely.

Why Use This Tool?

Use our RBL Lookup tool to see if your IP address has been tagged as a Spammer! Many of you are hosting your website in a virtual multi-domain name system where many sites are hosted on the same server and ISP. If someone on your server is known to send spam, then your server could already be in the RBL list. Using this tool will help you discover if you are listed in any of the major RBLs.

Last Updated: Nov 25, 2016

 Tool Tip...

Mail server IP Address

Enter the IP address of your email server and this tool will traverse several RBL lists to see if it is being blocked. The IP address of your email server is often different than your website's IP address. If you do not know what the IP address is, you can use the DNS Analyzer to get this information for you.