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Meta Tag Analyzer

Titles and meta tags provide the most basic elements search engines use to present your link in their search results. Use this free tool to make sure your web pages contain these important SEO elements and also verify that your web pages are "search engine friendly" and communicate well with search engines.

The better your web pages communicate with search engines the better your listings will rank in their search results.

Search Engine Visibility


In addition to checking titles and meta tags, this free HTML meta tags checker tool will also compute the search engine visibility score of any web page on the Internet. As a search engine, we have an insider's understanding of how search engines work. With this insight we are able to bring you the most accurate on-line SEO tools available on the Internet today.

Why Use This Tool?

Search engines such as Google, Bing and Scrub The Web are full-text search engines. These search engines launch programs called crawlers that traverse the web looking for information to include in their search results.

When a crawler visits your web page, they attempt to extract keywords from specific elements such as HTML <title> and <meta> tags and use this information in their search results.

What Does This Tool Do?

While not as powerful as our Web Page Analyzer, this 100% free SEO tool provides basic web page validation, robots.txt validation and will examine your web page to see if it is "search engine friendly".

Fact: No major search engine requires titles or meta tags. However, when used properly, titles and meta tags can boost your search engine traffic.

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2017

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What is a URL?

The term URL is an abbreviation for "Uniform Resource Locator" also known as a web page address. For example:

A valid URL must begin with "http://" or "https://" (for secure pages). Spaces in URLs MUST be changed to "%20".