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Keywords Research

Why pay $60 or more a month for a keywords generator tool that tells you what keywords advertisers are purchasing? Using our in-house Keywords Research tool makes it easy for you to discover "organic keywords" that your customers are actually using when looking for you in search engines.

Real-Time Keyword Discovery

Our real-time organic Keywords Research tool will help you discover the keywords you should be targeting so you can attract more qualified visitors to your website. Attracting consumers using their own search terms makes much more sense than using keywords from an old database of advertiser keywords like other keyword generators use.

Our Keywords Research Tool does not require any technical knowledge what-so-ever. All that is required from you is a simple keyword or phrase to get the tool started. Once started, the Keywords Research Tool will quickly help you discover and build a highly targeted keywords list that people are actually searching for when looking for your products and services.

Long-Tail Keyword Discovery

Long-tail searches often exhibit a higher conversion rate by up to 200% compared to short-tail (generic) keywords. With this tool you will instantly discover clusters of niche keywords for your website that you may have never thought of, but your customers are actually using to find your products and services.

Easily conduct organic keyword research using our drill-down feature for discovering long-tail and niche keywords for the highest click-thru conversions. With this tool you will be able to generate unlimited lists of relevant keywords that will help you improve your organic rankings and PPC search campaigns.

Like all our tools, the Keywords Research tool supports virtually all languages. The results it presents are based on tens of thousands of queries made by real humans. With this data we have been able to recognize keyword correlations which ultimately predict what your customers are most likely to search for when looking for your products and services. For example, entering the following search term in the below Keywords Research tool:

apple pie

will present results like "simple apple pie", "easy apple pie recipe", "best apple pie recipe" and even "Paula Deen apple pie." Search trends have found those searching for apple pie have also searched for these terms and that is what your customers want and are actually searching for. When you satisfy what your customers are searching for new customers will find you. Keywords from other keyword discovery tools only tell you what advertisers think their customers want. Using this tool you will learn what your customers really want and are searching for.

Last Updated: Nov 25, 2016

 Tool Tip...

Keyword or Phrase

Enter a single keyword or phrase to start the Keywords Research Tool. Be smart and enter a query term just like your target visitors would when searching at search engines. We recommend you start with a generic 2 word search term to get started. Once started, this tool will then produce long-tail and niche keyword results that you will then include in your web page to capture real search traffic.

Once this tool produces search results, all you do is grab the icon next to the keyword or phrase and drag it to the Dropzone area below to start building your keywords list. To use the drill-down feature all you do is click on the word or phrase itself to discover other keywords your competition fail to use in their documents.