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We first introduced Easy Submit in 1996 when submitting to search engines was the only way search engines could find you. These days however, no major search engine requires that you submit your web pages to them. In fact, search engines such as Google and Bing often learn about your website long before it even goes live.

Easy Submit Overview

Easy Submit can (should) be accessed from within the Web Page Analyzer results or from the Meta Tag Analyzer results. Accessing Easy Submit from one of these tools will automatically verify and complete most of the required form information for you. We want Easy Submit to be easy and that's easy! Otherwise you can use this tool in manual mode by completing the Easy Submit form below.

Why Use This Tool?

If you want to submit your URL to search engines then Easy Submit is a great tool to use. This is because Easy Submit is fast, it's simple and you will witness the entire submission process in real-time. With Easy Submit you will know for a fact that the website you are submitting to is real and that your submission was accepted. With automatic submission tools and services you will never know if your submission was actually made or accepted. So if you plan on using a submission service or software, you should verify that their list of search engines are real working websites before you spend any time or money on submitting your website to search engines.

The Submission Myth

Use this tool and submit to 5,000 search engines! How many times have you heard this sales pitch? Plain common sense should tell you this can not be true. Just ask yourself this one simple question. "What search engines do I use?" The answer to this question is the same for your customers. In fact, over 90% of all searches conducted on the Internet are completed at only a few of the top search engines. And believe it or not, none of these major search engines require that you submit to them. There is a good chance your website is already listed in the search engines that matter and re-submitting to them is not required.

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2017

Owner Information required

 Tool Tip...

The information you provide here should be the page "Owner's" information. If you are providing a submission service for a customer you would enter your customer's information here and NOT yours.

Make sure you provide a valid email address because some sites require you to comfirm the submission before accepting the submission.

Note: We recommend you use an email address from one of the free email services.

Page Information required

Use the Web Page Analyzer or the Meta Tag Analyzer to automatically complete the form below for you.

 Tool Tip...

Note: Search engine crawlers such as Google, Bing and Scrub The Web will fetch the web page title, description and keywords from the web page when they visit. For other search engines and directories you will need to provide this information.


If you are at the point of submitting to search engines then you know what a URL is. This said, make absolutely sure the URL you enter here is valid, working correctly and does not redirect. Submitting an invalid URL will make this entire process a waste of your time.


All search engines limit what they display in their search results and we have found a maximum of 60 bytes (or characters) to be safe for all major search engines and directories. We recommend your title be between 40 and 60 characters in length for optimum social and search engine visibility.


All search engines limit what they display in their search results. Keeping your description between 130 and 150 bytes (or characters) in length helps ensure your description will fit well in the search results of all major search engines and social websites.


Enter no more than 25 keywords total (fewer is better).