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How do you know which SEO tools to trust? They all seem to have some crazy score card. In fact, our Meta Tag Analyzer will proudly calculate and display your Search Engine Visibility Score. So how do you know which tools will provide you with real-world information that you can actually use?

Since 1996 website owners and SEO professionals have trusted us because we are a real search engine and have the insider's information of how search engines work. Our proprietary SEO tools use real web crawlers which visit and process your web pages like a real search engine.

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It does not matter how your website was created (GoDaddy, Blogger, WordPress,, Dreamweaver, etc.). Our search engine optimization tools and SEO training methods work with them all. Did you know? Every time you add a new web page or edit an existing one, you are in fact doing SEO. Even a small change to a web page can impact your search engine rankings. Use these basic tools to improve your visibility in the search results of all major search engines.

Use our Meta Tag Generator to create search engine friendly titles and <meta> tags for all your web pages. Optimized for all search engines!

The Meta Tag Analyzer Tool provides basic web page validation, robots.txt validation and will compute the search engine visibility score of any web page.

With Easy Submit you witness each submission in real-time so you know your submission was successful! Sit back and let Easy Submit do the work for you.

We are working on more tools to be released in the near future. If you have any suggestions or ideas you feel would be useful, contact us and let us know.

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All search engines rank web pages on how well they perform for a given keyword search term. The SEO tools below provide full-page keyword search and crawl analysis not available anywhere else on the Internet. These are the tools SEO Pro's use for their own websites.

See how search engines rank web pages. Our Web Page Analyzer takes the guesswork out of search engine optimization!

HTML validation with automatic correction! Make your web pages error free and search engine friendly with the HTML Validator.

The Keywords Research Tool helps you discover keywords you should be targeting so you can attract more qualified visitors.

A properly generated sitemap file can help search engines like Google, Bing and others discover your entire website.

The DNS Analyzer will analyze your DNS records for issues that may cause search engines problems accessing your website.

The whois Tool also includes reverse IP lookup with GEO location and IP address ownership and registration information.

This tool will help you monitor and discover if you are listed in any of the major Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBL).