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The Scrub The Web Search System is protected by copyright laws and international treaties. No part of Scrub The Web Search System may be reproduced in any form or by any means without expressed written consent from Scrub The Web. S·T·W, ScrubTheWeb, and the Scrub The Web logo are trademarks of Scrub The Web. Any other logos, symbols and trademarks that appear in the Scrub The Web Search results, if any, are property of their respective owners.


The World Wide Web changes constantly and no database can possibly list all sites accessible on the Web. As a result, Scrub The Web cannot and does not guarantee that your search results will be complete or that the links associated with the indexed sites will be accurate at the time of your search.

Moreover, the process of including sites in the index is largely automatic. Accordingly, Scrub The Web assumes no responsibility for the content of any site included in the index.

Because some of the content on the Internet consists of material that is adult-oriented or otherwise objectionable to some people, the results of your search using Scrub The Web may automatically and unintentionally generate links or references to objectionable material. Scrub The Web can make no claim that such surprises will not occur. Computerized search technology does not give you search results limited to only the hits that you were seeking. There may be extraneous hits as well.

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