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How it Works

We would like to take this opportunity to explain a few important features so you get the most out of your visit. This page explains a few special features we have included in our design to ensure you get what you need in 3 clicks or less.

Dashboard Overview

All Scrubby Prime users can access their Dashboard with a single click. For example, real-time Alert and Support Ticket status is always available inside the off the top right menu. After you sign in this is what you will see:

Sign Out

Clicking the Dashboard icon will take you to your Scrubby Prime Dashboard. From there you can manage and update your Scrubby Prime profile, view and manage Alerts and Support tickets as well as manage your Scrubby Prime Plus Ads.

Clicking the Sign Out icon will remove your Scrubby Prime authentication cookie and sign you out.

The Alert icon will notify you of important alerts which you have not yet read. An important alert would include such things as administrative notifications or system generated alerts. If you see an Alert it would be a good idea for you to read it.

The Support Ticket icon represents the number of unread Support Tickets. A Support Ticket is either a reply from us to a Support Ticket you opened or it can be a new Support Ticket created by Scrubby Prime Support.

Super Fast Navigation

Access any page in 3 clicks or less! Examples:

  • At the bottom of most pages you will see the icon. When clicked, a panel will slide-up and expose a sub-menu of all available pages within the category you are currently in. Give it a try by clicking this icon at the bottom of this page.
  • You can access our home page at any time by clicking on the Scrubby icon at the top left of every page.
  • Also off the top menu is quick access to SEO Tools and the Learn SEO links. Additional links off the top menu include Submit URL, Help, Sitemap etc..
  • Super Fast Navigation Continued

  • And finally at the top of the page there is tree level navigation (aka, Breadcrumbs). For example:

     / SEO Tools / Web Page Analyzer

    The above example gives you quick access from the Web Page Analyzer to our home page or to the root category of all SEO Tools.

Clicking this icon will allow you to quickly scroll within the page you are viewing. For example, clicking this  will scroll you to the top of this section.

System Emails & Notifications

All outgoing email notifications are sent from "@scrubtheweb.com". We recommend you set your email client to deliver all email sent from us to your inbox. Otherwise you may miss these important notifications. Please note we do not sell, rent or use your email address for any other purpose.

Printing Pages and Reports

Effort has been made to include printer friendly pages. This means menus, images, ads etc., are never a part of the printing process. Try it yourself, click here to print this page or use your browser's print preview option to view how the page will be printed.

This is Not Everything

Every page you visit will include important information or we would not have created the page in the first place.