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Fact: Your website will probably fail! Why you ask? It's because most website owners and SEO professionals are in such a hurry to submit to search engines that they often miss the obvious. In fact, 98% of the human traffic to this web page will not explore the links below even though their URL listings in Google and Bing will look better and rank higher if they do.

The information below is for the remaining 2% of website owners who want to kick ass in search results. We truly believe you will be pleasantly surprised at how your search engine traffic will improve after exploring the following SEO tutorials and applying these simple techniques to all your web pages.

Listen Up! No special skills or knowledge is needed to optimize your website. All our SEO tools and instructions work with all websites and is 100% approved by all search engines.

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The SEO tutorials in this area is complementary to our SEO Tools and is intended for all website owners who would like to improve their website's overall search visibility in search results.

Be smarter than your competition and learn how to optimize your web page title for maximum search engine visibility and click-through.

Learn the techniques SEO Pro's use to help search engines present their web page description instead of a computer generated snippet.

The Meta Keywords tag is no longer used by any major search engine. But, there are times when this tag should be used on your web pages.

The Meta Robots tag should ONLY be used to instruct search engines to do what they will not do by default. Learn the right way.

We are working on more tutorials to share with you in the future. If you have any suggestions, please contact us and let us know.

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The SEO tutorials in this area is intended for our Prime Plus Members. The following tutorials go beyond search engine visibility and focus instead on ranking at the top of search results for specific search terms. This section presumes you have already visited the above visibility tutorials. Here you will put it all together and will learn how to show search engines your most important keywords for your website.

Improve your search engine visibility score and search engine rankings with this simple 4 step program! No special skills or HTML editing is required.

Keyword density is a ranking algorithm used by all major search engines. Getting the right keyword density mix shows a well focused document.

Learn how to identify the real keywords humans are using to find your web pages. There is a clear method to the madness of keyword discovery.

Every website on the Internet should provide the robots.txt file. If not provided, your web server will return an error to search engines. Is that what you want?

Sometimes you have a question only a SEO expert can answer. Contact Prime Plus Support when you need assistance with those tough SEO questions.