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Updated 12:09 AM MST, Tue Sep 27, 2016.

In just the last 24 hours over 117,220 websites failed! Have you analyzed your web pages lately? You can check your Bing and Google search engine visibility score fast and free!

Free SEO Tools & SEO Tips

Since 1996 our goal has been to build a high quality organic search engine not influenced by shareholders. But as you can see from the statistics of failed websites above, we first needed to help website owners learn how search engines work. So we went to work and developed the most advanced and most accurate search engine optimization tools possible. Over the years we became known as the "SEO search engine". Give one of our most popular and 100% free seo tools a try (no signup required):

Ethical (White Hat) SEO Tools

The Internet is full of free SEO tools and free SEO advice, but how do you know who you can trust? Why not trust a search engine with your SEO advice? Most SEO tools you will find do not work. In fact, using the wrong tools can result in huge ranking penalties for your website. For example, some SEO services advertise so called ranking checkers (a.k.a., rank tracking) that monitor your website's rankings continuously. But tools like this violate all major search engine's Terms of Service including Open Window to Google Google's. Rank checking is not SEO, it uses unecessary resources and you will not benefit from it.

Our advanced SEO tools not only pinpoint search engine optimization and keyword visibility issues, but can also automatically correct most if not all your (X)HTML errors that may impact your search engine visibility and rankings. And our exclusive Web Page Analyzer can visually show you how search engines see and rank web pages. This visual approach makes it easy to quickly discover the secrets to top ranking web pages.

SEO Tools By Search Engine Developers

We have been developing search engine technologies since the very beginning and have the insider's information of how search engines work. We fully understand what web page ranking factors are most important and share this information with you. Our tools can help you achieve top search engine placement without fear of being penalized. Our SEO tools and techniques are ethical, thoroughly researched and meticulously tested by search engine optimizers, website developers & SEO experts from around the world. Learn more »

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