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Search Basics

Get help with searching at Scrub The Web and other search engines. Below we discuss some of the most basic ways you can use the search box at search engines to find what you are looking for.

Starting Search

To get started with search at any search engine, you would simply enter a couple of keywords that would best describe what you are looking for. For example, typing the keywords 'sporting goods' would find all documents in our database about sporting and goods. Search queries are case-insensitive.

If you typed a couple of keywords like 'sporting goods' to search for, you would find you have a very high number of search results to go through. You would also find many results are not relevant. This is because the query 'sporting goods' does not tell a search engine what you really want. All you did was instruct the search engine to find all documents containing the word 'sporting' and 'goods' in no particular order. To fix this all you have to do is get more specific that's all.

Getting Specific

Being more specific with your search queries is generally easy. In fact, smart search engines will often take your query and change it for you anyway. They do this in an effort to deliver better, more personalized results. For example, search engines like Bing and Google will most often take a search query like 'sporting goods' and automatically show you the top results for 'sporting goods stores' in your current location. And if you have a search history with these search engines, they will then personalize and filter the results even further. These are things we can't and don't do at Scrub The Web. With Scrub The Web you have to be a little more specific.

Getting better results at Scrub The Web and other major search engines is not hard to do. To get the best results possible, all you have to do is take an extra second or two and say to yourself, "is it 'sporting goods' I'm looking for" or "is it 'sporting goods stores near Tampa' I'm looking for? To get even better results, you can add double quotes '"' to force the search engine to consider the keywords inside the quotes as being a phrase. For example:

"sporting goods stores" Tampa

The search engine's job is to find all documents in their database which are a good match for the phrase "sporting goods store" and also matching the word Tampa. The more specific you can be, the more closely the results will satisfy what you are looking for. You can get even more specific when you use search operators in your search query.