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100% Free Meta Tag Analyzer

On July 2, 2012 at 11:29 AM MST we successfully analyzed 100 billion web pages!

Fact: No major search engine requires titles or meta tags. However, when properly constructed, titles & meta tags can boost your search engine traffic. Therefore, it is highly recommended you provide "search engine friendly" title & meta tags on all your web pages.

What are Meta Tags?:

Titles and meta tags provide the most basic elements used in search engine optimization and are used by all major search engines. We include HTML meta tag examples and explain meta tags in detail on our FREE Meta Tag Builder page.

What The Free Meta Tag Analyzer Does:

While not as powerful as our Web Page Analyzer, this 100% free meta tag SEO analyzer tool will provide basic web page validation, robot.txt validation and will analyze the web page to see if it is "search engine friendly". You can check meta tags on your web page using the form below.

Our HTML meta tags checker tool will quickly analyze your web page and compute your search engine visibility score using our exclusive Search Engine Visibility Meter™.

Use this tool to see how your web page stacks up against other web pages on the Internet.

Last Updated: Jul 8, 2015

Our biggest update includes over 100 new and optimized algorithms to address the most recent changes made by Google and Bing. The more advanced Web Page Analyzer includes over 400 updates. Our tools are developed in-house and are updated as search engines make changes.

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Did you know? All our SEO tools work with pages written in virtually any language (Smoke Signals and Braille are not yet supported).

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