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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common asked questions. If this page does not answer your question, you can click on the "Contact Us link found in the left menu of this page and we will try to help.

Q - Why does (a search engine) offer search engine optimization?

A - Good question! Unlike other search engines who sell advertising in their search results, our goal has always been to deliver quality organic search results. By offering affordable SEO rather than paid advertising, we have positioned ourselves as the credible search engine and have improved the search experience for everyone on the Internet.

Q - I made a mistake in the URL I submitted. Can you change it for me?

A - Please read the confirmation email we sent to you after your submission. It provides instructions on how to "delete" an incorrectly submitted URL. After deleting all you do is resubmit the correct URL.

Q - I have used your Meta Tag Builder, but I have no idea how to insert this into my Web pages. Can you help?

A - We include links to the most widely used HTML editing and creation tools in the Meta Tag Builder results page. Unfortunately there are hundreds if not thousands of different software and hosting providers on the Web and every one of them have their own way of doing this. This makes it impossible for us to support all these different software and hosting solutions. If you are a ScrubTheWeb™ SEO Member, you can ask the experts to give you a hand in the Member Support area. If you are not a ScrubTheWeb™ SEO Member, help is usually close by. Obviously you have already created a Web page or you wouldn't be asking this question. So how did you create the Web page? Chances are, your answer is right there. Inserting your new Title and Meta Tags can probably be done with that same program you used to create your Website. Most desktop software and even hosting provider proprietary programs include an HTML Edit mode. This is where you would edit the actual HTML source. If all else fails, read the manual or contact your hosting provider for help.

Q - Once I become a Member, do you have discounts for renewing and extending my Membership?

A - Absolutely! 3 month and greater Memberships are eligible for renewal discounts. Renewal fees are at least 50% less than your initial Membership purchase price. However, you must purchase the renewal Membership while your Membership is currently active. What we mean by this is that you must renew your Membership before it expires. Once expired our system will only recognize you as a new Member and no discount will be offered. We will send you a renewal notice 21 days prior to your Membership expiration which should give you plenty of time to renew.

Q - Should all my Web pages have a Title & Meta Tags?

A - Yes! Every Web page on your site should contain at least the Title and Meta Description. Title and Meta Tags are used by the Web page author to provide more control over the information presented by the robot type search engines. Without this information you're search engine listing would be constructed by the search engine and will not likely be presented the way you would want.

Q - I heard search engines no longer use Meta Tags. Is that true?

A - So you've fallen for the "Meta Tags Are Dead" postings on the Web. This is a huge lie started by a Website in a poor attempt to gain traffic on the controversial topic. Don't let anyone tell you search engines (specifically Open Window IconGoogle™ or Open Window IconYahoo!®) do not use Meta Tags. If you're visiting SEO sites that claim Meta Tags including the Meta Description are not used by these major search engines, then that SEO site should be removed from your bookmarks.

Q - I found a great site on the Web that will submit my URL to 10,000 search engines for only $15(US). Isn't that a great deal?

A - Most so called search engines get their search results from one of the top search engines like Google™ and Yahoo!®. By using Easy Submit you are in affect submitting to hundreds or possibly even thousands of search engines. Submission sites or software that claim to submit your URL to hundreds or even thousands of search engines are basically doing the same thing that you can do yourself in a matter of a few minutes by using Easy Submit. You may find 100 or even 200 so called search engines while surfing the Web, but the majority of these search results are not provided in-house or not worth your time to submit to.

Q - Should I submit all my Web pages to the search engines?

A - This depends on whether or not you want all your pages to be found on the search engine in question. Some search engines will only index pages you actually submit and will not crawl your Website looking for additional Web pages like Google™, Yahoo!® and some others claim to do. We found it's always best to submit all Web pages you want indexed. However, it's always best to stagger your submission. By this we mean do not submit all your Web pages in one day. Instead, submit your home page first and then gradually submit your other pages.

Q - How long does it take to get listed with the search engines?

A - This depends on the particular search engine or site you are submitting to. All search engines are different. Some sites will list you in real-time while others may take several weeks or even months before listing you. Our advice is that you visit the site you submitted to and ask them what their policy is if any.

Q - I used Easy Submit and submitted my Website to all the major search engines. I was wondering if I should re-submit my site occasionally?

A - We recommend you visit each search engine monthly and see where you rank. If you can't be found on their Website you should of course re-submit. Many robot type search engines have a search option that allows you to search out a particular URL or domain name.

Q - Should I resubmit my Web pages every month?

A - The simple truth is that once your Web page is in the search engine, resubmitting doesn't do anything at all. No major or smart search engine is going to revisit your Web page just because you resubmit. Search engines have a built in "re-visit" algorithm and will re-visit and re-index your Web page at that particular time. Nothing else is going to influence them to come any sooner.

Q - I have already submitted my Web page to the top search engines. I now realize my Meta Tags were not inserted or not found by robots. What should I do now?

A - Once you have your Meta Tags inserted on your Web pages the search engines will pick up the new information on their next visit. For those search engines who have not yet indexed you, you can simply resubmit to them.

Q - I tried your Meta Tag Analyzer, but it can't find my Meta Tags. What could be wrong?

A - If our Meta Tag or Web Page Analyzer reports problems, then there is a problem for robots. 99.99% of the time it's a syntax error on your end. Our robot is looking for properly constructed HTML, Title and Meta Tags. We suggest you use our Meta Tag Builder to help you create "search engine friendly" Title and Meta Tags and try again. We have found that the majority of problems are from those sites that are using FRAMES so make sure you are viewing the correct page. Our Meta Tag Analyzer views your Web page just like all major search engine robots. If our analyzer can't find your Title or Meta Tags then you have a problem that must be fixed.

Q - Your Meta Tag Analyzer says my Title or Meta Tags contain too many characters for what you would consider a "robot friendly" Web page. What exactly does this mean?

A - The answer to this question is common sense really. You see, not all search engines are created equal. For example; we recommend a maximum of 60 characters of text for a Title. This is because some search engines will only display this much text in their search results. Having a Title more than 60 characters in length will mean some search engines will cut off your Title to fit their display length. This could result in your Title having no meaning to the visitor doing the search. We've researched all major search engines and found the maximum number of characters they display and our recommendations reflect those findings. Additional Easy Submit FAQs can be found here.

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