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Easy Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is easy when using powerful SEO tools created by real search engine developers. We provide both free and advanced search engine optimization tools to help our visitors with their search engine optimisation & search engine ranking goals.

What are the different types of SEO help offered here?

Why are ScrubTheWeb's SEO tools better than all others?

As a search engine, we have an insider's understanding of how search engines work. With this insight we are able to bring you the most powerful and accurate online SEO tools available on the Internet today. Compare us with anything else out there and you will find we do it better and our SEO tools work! In fact, if you find anything you believe is better, we want to know about it.

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Free SEO Tools Explained

Below is an overview of our most popular and 100% free search engine optimization tools. As you begin to use our free SEO tools, you will soon realize our tools and SEO help is extremely accurate and provide you with truly valuable information.

Free Meta Tag Builder

Meta Tags are important to search engine optimization because they help specify a Web page's description, keywords, language and other important information to search engines and human visitors.

With that said, our Meta Tag Builder could be the most important free SEO tool you may use as a non Member. This free tool will help you create 100% "search engine friendly" Titles & search engine Meta Tags that all major search engines utilize. Don't take our word for it, visit Open Window to Google Google™ or Open Window to Yahoo! Yahoo!® and see what they have to say about optimizing Meta Tags.

Free Meta Tag Analyzer

After using the Meta Tag Builder you need to check your Web page to make sure the work you did is correct. While not nearly as powerful as our Member's Web Page Analyzer, the Meta Tag Analyzer will verify your Web page Title & Meta Tags to make sure they are "search engine friendly." Our Meta Tag Analyzer is still the most powerful and complete Meta Tag Analyzer on the Internet!

Free Easy Submit - Website Submission Tool

Easy Submit is not necessarily a search engine optimization tool. Easy Submit is actually a search engine marketing (SEM) and URL submission tool. You can use Easy Submit after applying SEO to your Website. Easy Submit is a fantastic URL submission tool that mimics a human submission, making it one of the best Website submission tools on the Internet.

With this tool you can submit your Website to the major search engines in just a few minutes. Easy Submit was first introduced by us in 1996 and is still the Website submission tool of choice for thousands.

Advanced SEO Tools Explained

Besides the free search engine optimization tools described above, we also offer advanced search engine optimization tools and SEO help. These tools are for Website owners, Website developers & SEO services who are serious about increasing their search engine rankings.

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Advanced Meta Tag Generator

Similar to our free Meta Tag Builder, but better. The Advanced Meta Tag Generator has the added capability of automatically inserting your newly created Title & Meta Tags into your Web page's (X)HTML source for you! This helps insure error free placement of your Title & Meta Tags.

Advanced Web Page Analyzer

Our Web Page Analyzer is an advanced SEO tool providing full Web page ranking and keyword analysis! The Web Page Analyzer also allows direct XHTML/HTML input so you can optimize a Web page before it is published!

Not all search engines work the same way, and for that reason we give you control over how your Web page is analyzed. This allows you to see how search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and others interpret your Web pages.

Have you ever wondered why your competition is on top and you're not? With the Web Page Analyzer you will gain the upper hand because you'll know exactly what your competition is doing and what you need to do to beat them to the top!

(X)HTML Validator™ and Correction Tool

Sometimes our Web Page Analyzer detects XHTML/HTML SEO errors that could affect your search engine rankings. When it does, the Web Page Analyzer will provide direct access to our (X)HTML Validator™ and Correction Tool. This incredible tool will validate your Web page per Internet standards and automatically correct virtually all errors in your Web page's (X)HTML source for you!

Having valid HTML/XHTML is important for search engine optimization because it helps search engines understand your Web page better. Some errors can actually cause search engines to ignore and not rank your keywords correctly. This can result in your Web page being buried in their search results. Correcting these errors can help your site get indexed properly by search engines and make it easier for people to find your Website.

Keywords Research Tool

Our real-time organic Keywords Research Tool helps you discover what keywords you should be targeting so you can attract more qualified visitors. Attracting consumers using their own search terms makes more sense than using keywords from an old database of advertiser keywords.

Keyword Density Analyzer & Keyword Density Manipulizer™

A high keyword density does NOT always mean a top ranking! In fact, a high keyword density can actually lower your search engine rankings. Getting the right keyword density mix is key to your success. Our Keyword Density Analyzer Keyword Density Analyzer and our drag-and-drop Keyword Density Manipulizer™ make keyword optimization fast and easy. Use the wrong tools and you may never achieve high rankings in search engines.

Every Website's keyword density requirements for high rankings are different. But you don't need to worry because we provide tutorials and discussions on how to discover the right keyword density mix that's right for your Website. Between our Keyword Density Manipulizer™ and Keywords Research tools, you will find it much easier to achieve the right keyword density mix for your Website. It can't get any easier.

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